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bruce bruce' dog, big head firewood holder gate gate measurements guy living room national monument national park of snow out front room sam tim #4005 14" 4 peppers a portrait adoption day almost out approaching the finish arches as big as tim' at arches at big mountain at french hollow at ivins reservoir at leidy peak at silver lake at the grand canyon at the haunted mansion at the matterhorn at tonaguint park at tri-county peak at zion attic backyard basement " basement bath broken water line bruce after 1 week bruce and sam napping bruce exploring bruce sprawled out canned and steamed canyonlands captain e.o. nerds cedar breaks checking out the yard chimney chompers christmas lights #1 christmas lights #2 christmas morning christmas stockings christmas tree christmas with sam close-up closet in spare room closet in tim' crossbeams on fence cut labels cute dog dining & dining room dinosaur disneyland sign downtown disney easing in enjoying a pretzel entryway entryway from downstairs family" fence & fence posts up fence slat measurements fence with slats up filled jars filling up final product finished fence & finished gate finishing up fireplace fossil butte frame for gate front yard furnace room garage getting closer getting prepped going for it grabbing his stocking grand canyon grass in the mouth great job guest bath guest bedroom happy to be done hello" i found it! in front of the castle in seattle in the backseat in the car in the wind rivers in the yard inside garage installing fence posts just a lil' just about there just napping away kitchen label design label test laundry room leaving the house lil' linen closet little cottonwood living room looking adorable lunge! lunging forward mailbox making a turn master bath master bedroom mid-air millcreek inn mom, dad, & mouth hanging napping with sam national park new bed on a walk with sam on the beaver dam slope on the dolores river on the road again on the road yet again our christmas cards over hang pipe springs playing playing in deeper water posing with sam printed labels pulling sam ready to broil resting with bruce resting with sam riding the coaster #1 riding the coaster #2 river crossed! rot behind drain rounding the corner runnin' running quick s s foot s foot, the pillow s head s loot #1 s loot #2 s office s stocking s stockings salsa cooking sam sam & sam and her book sam and her gifts sam and her tom' sam at the house sam in master bedroom sam in the kitchen sam' sam, tim, & santa hat #1 santa hat #2 saying " screen & shake please she sees me sick puppy side of front yard sketch of garden sketch of gate slc 1/2 marathon sleeping on sam' sleeping with sam sma relaxing spare room stone landing storage closet storage room supplies for fence taking a drink taking off the ferris wheel the house the last leg the passenger tim tim & tim and bruce tim outside of disney tim putting up lights tim with his owl tim' tired dog truly a buyers market upstairs hallway waving at me what teeth! with her medal with sam wood burning stove yoda? zion
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